Kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling in Peanut Island

Kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling in Peanut Island

Tandy February 4, 2019

During our stay in Palm Beach Florida we were able to spend a couple of days doing my favorite activities of paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling in Peanut Island.

On the road to Peanut Island with the Kayak between us and the Paddle Board strapped ontop.

What is Peanut Island?

In the center of the Intracoastal waterway, by Lake Worth Inlet canal is an eighty acre tropical park that is open for the public’s enjoyment from sunrise to sunset.

Surrounded almost completely by white sandy beaches (minus the north sides rocky terrain) shady palm trees and loaded with tropical fish, this is an island paradise in the middle of the ports and marina of Palm Beach.

Get a boat, paddle board, or…Taxi?

I used my Paddle board and my husband made use of one of my Aunts Kayaks to access the island from Phil Foster Park.

Phil Foster park houses a large parking lot but a small loading ramp for two cars to access at the max, so try to be prepared to keep the flow moving  if you go on busy days.

That little strip of green across the water is Peanut Island as seen from Phil Foster Park.

At first glance it doesn’t look like the island is too far away but about halfway there it feels never ending. There is a lot of boat traffic around so I’m trying to stay aware of my surroundings.

Trying not to get caught up with envy, as I see all the boats go by at a slow cruise enjoying the breeze, as I paddle in the sun just dying to get there, so I can jump inside of the crystal blue waters to cool down.

If you live in the area or if you have friends you are visiting, you most likely would have access to one of these boats just gliding by me.

Then there is the ultimate tourist option, getting one of the water taxis that go back and forth ALL DAY LONG to take you.

I am an economical hippie, so this budget friendly ass paddled it all the way there!

Even bypassing the temptation the floating bodega was trying to wreck on my thirst.

The Beach

Closing in on Peanut Island, such lovely scenery I get to enjoy,

As we paddled up to the island, I could tell the western side of the island had a lot less people and all the water taxis and boats beach on the eastern side.

The natural introvert I am went straight for the western side, to enjoy the waters with a little privacy to start.

The beach is a nice warm, white coral sand that keeps the water looking all the more clear and inviting.

We finally made it on shore. Time for a cold drink!

Vegetation is peeking out from all sides from under the giant palm trees and I can see people walking on trails farther in on the island.

As I’m standing up and look down to my feet, I can only see the white sand and plants but no fish. So we decide to put on our masks and see if we can see anything on this quiet side of the beach.

Under Water Ninjas

Inside of the looking glass, through the snorkel masks, we can now see all kinds of fish swimming around.

The camouflaged school of ninja fish.

Camouflaged into the surrounding sands and sea, with various shades of whites, grays, a shimmer of pink or blue with a few black spots to match the rocks around.

I could spend hours watching their underwater ballet as they twist around one another, riding on the currents as they push past.

On to Find the Good Stuff

Having been refreshed by the warm waters, we decide to board our vessels and explore a little more of the island.

We go with the flow for a little and see what is on the busy side of the island.

Full of more of the tourist type of people, the shore is full of families, playing in the water and laying out on the beaches.

Larger boats are moored up in the deeper waters and the smaller kayaks, rafts, and paddle boards are covering all the parts that don’t have people.

One of the picnic areas under a tiki hut on peanut island.

In the tree line, there’s natural looking tiki huts that serve as picnic areas and some refreshment stands and did I mention, lots of people?

Not wanting to go up in the middle of all the action, we paddle further down.

Don’t Go Too Far!

Trying to paddle out past the crowd, we found out we were going too far because the very last part of the island is set up for snorkeling use only, with very on point lifeguards making sure people like us didn’t knock out an unsuspected diver in the head trying to come ashore.

Two choices here. Play it safe, turn back and go join the crowded beach, or throw caution into the wind and see how far we have to go before there is somewhere we can come on shore.

Of course we decide to push on. To no mans land! The white sandy beaches are suddenly covered with a large barrier wall, made of stone.

Then the water gets rough.

This is not us in the picture. Nor is this a shot of the water around the island. This is just how I felt with a tad bit of dramatic flair.

It feels like paddling in rapids or something (which I have never experienced but I could imagine my fear level would be just as intense) so I sit down on my Paddle board so maybe I won’t be knocked off by the wake.

Once we paddled around the barrier wall we see a dock. Hallelujah solid ground!

Then I see the stoplight red of the no trespassing signs. Uggghhh.

Back to the surf we go.

Luckily not for long, there is a slightly rocky looking shore that we pull into  to take a break.

Follow the Brown Brick Road

Under further inspection of our rocky beach, we notice a brick pathway that goes from the woods down to the direction we just paddled through, so we grab our picnic stuff and snorkel gear and follow the path to see where it leads.

We pass a large plantation looking house that sits across from the docks that had the no trespassing signs.

The same signs stood on either side of the path, forbiding access off the path, so we stick to the route before us.

Along the path, we see lots of little tiki huts and a lagoon, with a dock you can swim off of.

We almost had the whole lagoon to ourselves with most of the people on the surf side of the lagoon.

Following the path over the bridge is the main side where its the start of all the crowds.

We hit the jackpot. Found our own little slice of sand, right at the edge and enjoyed the little lagoon.

Underwater Paradise

The lagoon was in the shady part of the island by this time of afternoon, making the water a little darker in the deep areas.

Not wanting to deprive my husband of the fun, I let him go into those areas to explore, while I soaked in some of the rays.

Then we went together to the side with the sun, and the people, and saw what all the fuss was for.

Underwater, along the rock barrier, a full spectacle of colors and life sprang out from every direction.

I couldn’t resist tapping my husband at every turn, wanting him to see what I see, as I am clearly the novice of the two, with his prior scuba diving life in the keys.

I felt like I was a photographer for planet earth.  Swiming through the water with my GoPro camera, stalking fish.

These two fish put on a lovely display with this dance.

Explore Some More

Eventually, the mass amounts of people pushed me out of the waters and back to our sandy beach, to enjoy the picnic that we packed.

When the rations started to deplete, we followed the brick path back to the little rocky beach, where our paddle board and kayak were snuggling under the tree.

Back in the water, we follow the rest of the island.

Enjoying the views of the ports, with the various large ships, even one cruise ship.

Farther down we see an opening in the island, with a little boat dock on the inside of the island.

Race From the Rain

Time for a break. I’m in the shade, the big boats are across the waterway, in the sun.

We stop for a drink break and a dip to enjoy the waters cooling effects again.

As we sit there relaxing in the water, we see a pretty massive rain cloud forming, so we load up quickly and start to take off.

We think we are in good timing, and we just might make it, and then I look back and realize I haven’t gotten far at all.

Then, I hear it.

Coming up behind me.

Oh such cold little needles of pain.

Rain slicing through hot, sun kissed, skin.

Trying to paddle like hell and make a run from the rain, to no avail.

Paddling my heart out and laughing my ass off, we get to the landing just in time for the rain to stop, and the sun to come hot and heavy again.

Great Times

Still, even with the rain, our day paddling and snorkeling in peanut island is one worth remembering and experiencing again.

As a disclaimer, there was never a mob of people around in the areas we were in.

I might have overexaggerated just a little bit on the crowds. This is about the normal distance between us and them. Still too close for me lol.

Five to ten people in one area is just more than I enjoy for long periods of time lol.

Have you ever been to peanut island? Have you been to an island, kind of like this, that we would enjoy, that is cheap or free?

Let us know so we can add to the list of places we would like to visit.

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