Who is the Day Tripping Hippie

Who is the Day Tripping Hippie

Tandy January 8, 2019

Hey Everyone! I am Tandy and I am the Day Tripping Hippie (no acid was used in the making of this page, sorry for the disappointments)

A bit about this hippie

I was born with a traveling spirit inside that loves to explore and find new beauty in the world around me. Living life in the moment and always up to trying out new things has been my passion in life.

Always ready for the next adventure.

I do consider myself a hippie because I do try to live a lifestyle that is as peaceful and in balance with nature as I possibly can while leaving a minimum footprint in my wake. I don’t like to spend unnecessary money on items that aren’t needed. Not quite a minimalist in lifestyle but I don’t follow the normal path of the average consumer.

Rather, enjoying putting my money in the enjoyment of a great meal, attending a festival, going to a museum, or getting down to some new band that was just stumbled upon. Life experiences, memories, the bucket list items that somehow always seems to grow, those are the things I like to spend my focus and money.

Got my travel buddy

Lucky for me I found a daredevil of a husband, one who not only is the muscle and comedic entertainment for a lot of our adventures together, but he also gives me the courage to face my fears (like zip lining through the swamp) and the confidence that I can do anything I put my mind to.

While I’m finding out how brave I can be, he’s learning to see life in a more empathetic perspective, slipping on my jaded rose colored glasses and seeing life in a whole new light. Wanting to learn more about the world around us with a new-found vigor and love of creativity.

Of all the fish in the sea, this is the one for me. It takes a special kind of man to love a woman like me.

Together we are a couple who is up to explore and have an adventure anywhere we go. Living in the prime location of a southeastern beach town in NC we have the advantage of the beach or water sports daily but just a short trip and we can have a nice weekend in the mountains. Giving the Day Tripping Life a perfect home base with optimal range in terrain.

Making it the best life

There is a bond that the two of us share and that is our understanding that we only have one life to live, never knowing when you get the chance to try new things but once, so why resist the opportunity to form our own opinion. Sometimes our thoughts are so in sync its mind blowing, and sometimes we truly are from Mars and Venus.

We might have the best experience we never thought possible, or we very well might end up with the worst decisions ever after the deflated anticipation built up by overrated reviews. There will be one guaranteed thing, that the two of us will laugh through any experience, finding the brightest side to any storm.

Letting loose in the streets of New Orleans

We enjoy delighting our wild sides and finding the little spots off the beaten path that lead to breathtaking scenery and to dive into the crowds of the city and see the heart and soul of the communities. Eating at the Mom and Pop Diners, drinking in the little dive bars, and indulging in the local entertainment.

Finding the places that the locals like to go and putting money into the small businesses that keep the communities thriving, and sometimes we can’t resist to check out some tourist attractions, just to see if they are truly worth all the hype or just a waste of money.

The big dreams

We are starting this page as the foundation for our life travels. Right now we are restrained by the norms of society and having to work out our commitments and debts. Living with a budgeted household the majority of our travels are penny wise and consist of single day trips or weekend getaways, knowing that we are saving for the big adventures of the future.

The purpose of this blog is a means of sharing our experiences with our readers, to not only entertain you with our antics, but to give you the confidence to know that you too can follow your dreams through the day to day struggles.

Join us on our journeys and lets see where life will take us.

We will let you in on the steps taken to get to some pretty awesome places, some places that you might want to avoid, mistakes we make along the way, the success stories that come out of hard work and research, and the fluke chances of good luck along the way. Just some crazy chaos that is our life as we explore the world around us and try to transition life from Day Tripping Hippie to World Traveling Blogger.

If you ever have any questions, advice that you would like to share, or to just join in some hysteria that is our life please feel free to leave a comment.


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